In memoriam: Lilia Georgiivna Boitsun, a mathematician and bright person

V.F. Babenko
R.O. Bilichenko
M.B. Vakarchuk
O.V. Kovalenko
S.V. Konareva
V.O. Kofanov
T.Yu. Leskevych
V.P. Motornyi
N.V. Parfinovych
A.M. Pasko
O.V. Polyakov
O.O. Rudenko
T.I. Rybnikova
D.S. Skorokhodov
M.Ye. Tkachenko
V.M. Traktynska


The article is devoted to the talented mathematician, candidate of physical and mathematical sciences Boitsun Lilia Georgiivna. The article describes her life and career, scientific activity.


trigonometric Fourier integral; Voronoi method


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Bojtsun L.G., Rybnikova T.I. "$$$(W,p^\alpha(y))$$$-summation of of trigonometric Fourier integral", Res. Math., 2015; 23: pp. 12-18. (in Russian) doi:10.15421/241502




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