Automatic choice of parameters at approximation of functions by rational splines

A.D. Malysheva (Dnipropetrovsk State University)


We obtain necessary and sufficient conditions put on the parameters of rational splines that provide given order of approximation of smooth functions. We point out the formulas of asymptotically the best parameters of rational splines that, while providing the best order of approximation of a function by rational splines, do not contain information about the values of higher derivatives of a function.


Miroshnichenko V.L. "Approximation of functions by splines", Spline-functions in engineering geometry (Comput. systems), Novosibirsk, 1981. (in Russian)

Zavialov Yu.S., Kvasov B.I., Miroshnichenko V.L. Methods of spline-functions, 1980. (in Russian)




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