Two sharp inequalities for operators in a Hilbert space

N.O. Kriachko (Oles Honchar Dnipro National University)


In this paper we obtained generalisations of the L. V. Taikov’s and N. Ainulloev’s sharp inequalities, which estimate a norm of function's first-order derivative (L. V. Taikov) and a norm of function's second-order derivative (N. Ainulloev) via the modulus of continuity or the modulus of smoothness of the function itself and the modulus of continuity or the modulus of smoothness of the function's second-order derivative. The generalisations are obtained on the power of unbounded self-adjoint operators which act in a Hilbert space. The moduli of continuity or smoothness are defined by a strongly continuous group of unitary operators.


Hilbert space; self-adjoint operator; modulus of smoothness; partition of unity; strongly continuous group of unitary operators

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