Fuzzy sets and statistical criteria

S.Ye. Bel'kov (Oles Honchar Dnipropetrovsk National University)
V.I. Ruban (Oles Honchar Dnipropetrovsk National University)


Statistical criteria to test hypotheses concerning the parameters of the normal distribution give set of parameter values for which the hypothesis is not rejected. In this paper we select values that are more consistent with the sample, using the theory of fuzzy sets.


hypotheses verification; fuzzy sets


Orlov A.I. Non-numeric statistics, Moscow, 2004; 513 p. (in Russian)

Turchin V.N. Probability theory and mathematical statistics, Dnipropetrovsk, 2008; 656 p. (in Russian)

DOI: https://doi.org/10.15421/241209



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