Information For Journal Admins

Do you need the journal site like this one, being its administrator? There is something that can help you...

We started from OJS-v2.4.8 and modified it slightly, to adjust for this journal's site (in particular, added MathJax support to display formulae, changed some styles, and fixed few translations). The adjusted platform is 'OJS-math-v2.4.8', different versions of it are available here (Google Drive folder).

Warning: if your server runs PHP 7, you'll be able to use only 'ojs-math-2.4.8-php7' (OJS-2.4.8 for PHP 5 is incompatible with PHP 7 and has to be 'patched': String is reserved, mysqli driver instead of mysql, explode() instead of split(), ... see e.g. this issue thread, where we've taken most patches from); apropos, it's compatible with PHP 5.

To locate the differences between modified and original OJS, use diff-like tools. Also, note that newer versions of original OJS are available.

Don't forget about OJS documentation and forum.

You may also download this archive with some application forms we've filled to register the journal within ISSN, DOAJ etc., and with few scripts to automatize the administration of the site on Linux.

If the users with dynamic IP complain on occasional session invalidation (they are suddenly asked to login when they haven't logout), you may try to set 'session_check_ip = Off' under 'Security Settings' in, though this reduces the security. site contains many articles dedicated to open access journals, OJS usage, databases and indices, DOI, requirements for inclusion, data formats etc.