Characterization of Biharmonic Hypersurface

S.K. Srivastava (Central University of Himachal Pradesh),
K. Sood (Central University of Himachal Pradesh),
K. Srivastava (Central University of Himachal Pradesh),


The main purpose of this paper is to study biharmonic hypersurface in a quasi-paraSasakian manifold $$$\mathbb{Q}^{2m+1}$$$. Biharmonic hypersurfaces are special cases of biharmonic maps and biharmonic maps are the critical points of the bienergy functional. The condition of biharmonicity for non-degenerate hypersurfaces in $$$\mathbb{Q}^{2m+1}$$$ is investigated for both cases: either the characteristic vector field of $$$\mathbb{Q}^{2m+1}$$$ is the unit normal vector field to the hypersurface or it belongs to the tangent space of the hypersurface. Some relevant examples are also illustrated.


biharmonic map; biharmonic hypersurface; quasi-paraSasakian manifold

MSC 2020

53C25; 53C42; 53C50

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